Conscious Female Leadership Master Program

The seven-month Certified Conscious Female Leadership Master Program empowers present and future leaders across diverse industries, such as corporate, healthcare, education, media, and beyond. This leadership program for women embodies the essence of female leadership, fostering collaboration among women worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Empowerment: The learning journey supports women in becoming conscious female leaders who use their greatness to bring out the greatness in others.
  • Diverse Participation: We welcome sponsored participants from various fields and independent female professionals investing in their own development.
  • Exclusive Cohort: The program offers an exclusive cohort, limited to 15-21 carefully selected participants, ensuring personalized attention and growth.

Join our program and become part of a global network of conscious female leaders making a difference in their industries and communities.

Presenting a collection of testimonials from Cohort 3 participants, offering insights and experiences shared during our program.

What sets our Female Leadership Program apart?

**Transformative & Cutting-Edge Education**

**Game Changer: Self-Leadership based on Science & IFS**

** Exclusive & Personal: Only 15 to 21 selected Participants**

**Selection for IT FACTOR, Not Credentials**

**Supervision, Facilitated Practice Groups, 1:1 Sessions**

**Empowering Sisterhood: You are not alone in this**

**Immediate Impact through Your Multipliers**

**Cross-Industry Collaboration to Expand Your World**

**Earn Your Certification in Conscious Female Leadership**

Before we dive into the Program Details, discover our Revolutionary Approach to a New Era of Female Leadership Education ….


"Sadly, as we empower women, we force them to become masculine, competitive, and tough. I have failed for many years to empower my feminine side … our world is suffering from hypermasculinity. 

We turned it into a world of doing.”
Mo Gawdat, Former Chief Business Officer, Google X.

A new era of female leadership is beginning to emerge. The old model of masculine female leadership is ending.

The Bird of Humanity

There is a Cherokee prophecy that speaks about this century. It states that the bird of humanity has a male wing & a female wing. The bird of humanity has been flying for centuries with primarily only its male wing, the female wing unable to extend. Consequently, the male (yang) wing has gotten overly muscularized. The bird of humanity has been soaring in circles, unable to fly in the right direction. The prophecy says that in the 21st century, the female (yin) wing will fully extend and express itself. The male energy will relax, and the bird of humanity will soar.

From Stuckness to Soaring:

The Breakthrough of Female Leadership.

Structured seven-month, cross-industry, cross-generational, cross-cultural, female awakening program to connect and support female leaders & ambassadors worldwide to rise:

  • Learn & embody feminine leadership principles
  • Dare to be who you’re here to be to make the impact you’re here to make

Key Characteristics

  • Transformational & Educational: Participants
    experience deep engagement and personal
  • Proven impact both within their job and beyond.

  • Integration & embodiment of the learned principles in a safe & supportive environment.

Program Outline

ME WE IT – The Journey from understanding ME to growing into WE, expanding into bringing IT into the world.

The bi-weekly LIVE events are on Thursdays at 8 – 9.30 pm CEST (Berlin Time).

Please note: Daylight Saving Time ends on October 27th, 2024, and will change to CET.

Program Preparation & Onboarding:
October 3, 2024

Program Start:
October 17, 2024 / October 31, 2024 / November 14, 2024 / November 28, 2024
December 19, 2024: Q & A and 1:1 sessions with participants

Christmas Holiday:
December 20, 2024, to January 8, 2025

Program Re-Start:
January 9, 2025 / January 23, 2025 / February 13, 2025 / February 27, 2025
March – No LIVE events. Facilitated Peer & Practice Groups only April 3, 2025

Program Completion & Celebration:
April 17, 2025

Your Multipliers will join us for the LIVE Events:

October 3, Q & A December 19, April 3, 2025.

Please note: Every other week, you will meet with your peer group for a 75-minute practice session at a time that suits your schedule.

Oct 2024

Nov 2024

Dec 2024

Jan 2025

Feb 2025

Mar 2025

April 2025

Self-Awareness & Compassionate Inquiry

Self-Leadership, Meditation & Female Resilience

1:1 Becoming Me

Coaching Sessions

and Q & A with All

Female Leadership Communication – Inner Mentor vs. Inner Critic

Female Leadership Communication – Masterpiece Presentation group work

Facilitated Peer Group Practice - Leading INSIDE OUT

The Survive 

& Thrive Spiral

with Multipliers

Program Format

The program is offered in an online learning format.


  • Virtual events with group work & breakout sessions
  • Bi-weekly virtual events with all participants
  • Bi-weekly small practice groups of 3 participants/Your Peer Group
  • Monthly gatherings with Your Chosen                                                 Multipliers (3 - 5 male & female participants)
  • Guided Daily Self-Inquiry Exercises
  • Individual & group Mentoring via WhatsApp
  • 1:1Compassionate Inquiry & Becoming Me
    Coaching Sessions
    with Jeanine
  • Facilitated Peer Group Practice
  • Guest speakers & broadcasts
  • Optional: Support for Creating a Peer Group

During the program, participants will:

Rediscover the Superpowers of Women: Intuitive, Visceral, Emotional, and Relational Intelligence & Leading Inside Out.

Visionary Leadership & Taking Inspired Action: Seeing what is not there yet – a grand vision & bigger picture. As people uniters, women bring teams and entire organizations together, leading them in a common direction.

Apply Empowered Leadership Communication: Speaking up with vibrant authenticity versus plastic authenticity - using relational conversation & heart messaging and impactful communication tools.

Stop repeating history in dismantling unconscious sabotaging patterns among women based on the wisdom of multi-generational trauma and strengthen support for each other.

In promoting female resilience, you explore the female brain. You learn to differentiate between reacting with typical female coping mechanisms and
accessing your internal natural resources. This includes the ability to self-regulate through mindfulness, breathing practices, calming the vagus nerve, and meditation.

Explore to successfully combine motherhood, passion for work & self-care with a stimulating network of peers, ‘I am enough mindset’, emotional presence, healthy boundaries, and letting go of “working mom guilt”.

"Learning by teaching" - Select your multiplier group (3 to 5 men and women) and extend your knowledge to them, supporting the understanding and
integration of conscious leadership.

Reach out & collaborate with Conscious Men. We have been raised in a patriarchal system. We now need to step out, explore the unknown as pioneers & understand in which setting our natural female strength unfolds. On a visceral level, conscious men understand the next steps of female leadership development. They are supportive and want us to thrive for the good of humanity.

Together we will

  • Experience a profound sense of unity and
    belonging. We are not alone in this.
  • Explore the future of female leadership, including
    expanding beyond patriarchal systems,
    understanding our greater purpose, and recognizing
    our interconnectedness with all of life.
  • Bring a higher level of coherence & intelligence into
    our environments.
  • Practice our capacity to respond creatively &
    wholeheartedly to the collective challenges we are
  • Experience the vibrancy of a female leadership
    community where we can feel inspired to
    collaborate and co-create healthy, impactful &
    conscious environments.
  • RISE!


To provide you with an impression of the learning journey, these videos were created for the celebration event marking the final day of the program.

Special thanks to our Joint Venture Partners and nominated participants from Cohort 1, Cohort 2, and Cohort 3.

After enjoying these inspiring videos, here is a segment featuring photos of cohort 3 participants with the task …

MEET YOUR BOSS:As the program concluded, participants were encouraged to meet with their bosses to lead a lively dialogue about their learning experiences. The mantra was simple: ‘Be engaging, not boring. Share, don’t prove.’

breathing space

Who is the right candidate?

To select the right candidate please consider the following:

There needs to be a willingness to change personally and within a community.

This is not a typical corporate program; it is a unique & new experience and can be confrontational.

Inner Work first: Leadership is about leading yourself first. Therefore, we emphasize being committed to doing the daily self-inquiry practice of 10 to 20 minutes. Each month's topic comes with a different practice.

Professional contemporary spiritual teachings, as well as mindfulness & meditation, will be part of the program.

Some nominees felt that 'the program was imposed' on them. They were nominated and did not dare to say no. They came with resistance.

Many business leaders are accustomed to precise agendas and PowerPoint safety nets, leading to overthinking and being stuck in problem-solving. These patterns keep them in their corporate comfort zone. This program is primarily a transformative journey into new territory – it’s about the learning experience between agendas.  It’s not for those clinging to traditional corporate programs.

Transformation, especially for minorities in a patriarchal system, requires 100% commitment, courage, curiosity, readiness, and consistent inner work over time. Quick fixes and demanding immediate results are counterproductive. Many leaders are overloaded and may not see the need for deeper transformation. However, those who commit to this serious, wholehearted effort will achieve meaningful and lasting change, resulting in significant personal and collective growth.

The female way of learning embeds compassionate inquiry and balances the physical, spiritual, intuitive, emotional, and intellectual aspects, which we will explore during the program. Candidates will be invited to step outside their comfort zones to make unchartered discoveries about themselves.

As a Joint Venture Partner (Sponsor), allowing space for new developments to emerge is crucial. While the impulse to rescue and protect participants is well-intentioned, it can hinder their growth and the facilitators' work. These programs can trigger participants, leading to judgments and projections. Our role as facilitators is to help them liberate themselves from their self-created stories and coping mechanisms, guiding them to explore the roots of their triggers. We ask our JV Partners to stay open and trust our expertise and experience.

Each participant is personally responsible for what she gains from the program. The goal is to boost the global community's power, collaboration, and female connection. We select those with the 'IT factor,' like picking athletes for a strong sports team, prioritizing the greater good of the group. This program supports collaboration over competition.

Testimonials Cohort 2

The right candidate is already asking herself:

  • What is my purpose? Who am I here to be, and what can I contribute during these intense collective changes?

  • How can I learn to receive as much as I give and create more balance in my life?
  • How can I speak up with honesty, clarity, relatability & bravery? What is my core message? How do I use communication to invite & embrace versus push & intimidate?
  • How can I support other female leaders & professionals to rise?
  • What untapped resources haven’t I used yet?
  • 'The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift – Albert Einstein.


Make a short video clip (2 to 3 minutes) - based on the following questions:

1. How do you envision Female Leaders expanding patriarchal systems & make a positive difference?
2. What is the positive difference you make in your environment?

3. What have you already done to improve your self-awareness?


No plastic authenticity. We love to see the REAL YOU.


Speak your voice. We applaud your truth.


Dare to show up. We’re looking for character, not for grades & degrees.

Testimonial Board

You really motívate and engage me to continue, learning and practicing! These video activities are new for me , and were not easy, but beleive me I challenge my self to continue practicing for doing better and better !
Thank you so much!.

Mirian Osorio, Financial Center Manager, Schlumberger Ecuador

Thank you Jeanine for taking always the time to give such wonderful feedbacks. I am definitely short in my words to tell you how much I appreciate this eye opener training🤗

Teresa Suastes, HRS & Payroll Manager, BMW Group Mexico

Jeanine Hello!!!! Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me feedback in the presentation, I love that you catch soo much details in such a short period of time! That’s a gift for sure!

Lucia Leon, Transformation Field Deployment Lead, Schlumberger Ecuador

I love the program, and everybody I know thinks you are great and admire you! 😊 For the ones that are always there you are like our friend now ...

Virginia Marcon, Latin America Performance Controller, Siemens energy Chile

Program Delivery – key elements

Casting of Candidates - For Joint Venture Partners & Independent Professionals: We conduct the final selection of participants.

We aim to a) mindfully choose a cohesive yet diverse group to create momentum as a robust conscious community, and b) select women who are 100% committed to their inner work and personal growth journey. We’ve found that casting the right people - based on engagement & energy, strong character & courage, readiness & time investment, emotional, social & spiritual intelligence, and IT-factor - is critical for the impact & success of the program.

Bi-weekly Virtual Events: Facilitated interactive workshop-like sessions twice a month for 90 minutes. We will address the topic of the month – integrating self & group learnings – and taking these learnings to a deeper level of embodiment.

Bi-weekly Peer Groups: Participants will be divided into practice groups of 3 (your peer group) to work on their inspirational peer group assignments, exchange their insights & reflections, and learn from each other.
Sessions last 60 to 75 minutes. Every group receives two facilitated group sessions with Jeanine.

Monthly Multiplier Circles: Participants are invited to select their multiplier circles consisting of 3 - 5 male and female colleagues. Participants meet their
multipliers once a month, preferably in person and outside their company for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or pizza night. Learning through teaching: They will be
empowered to teach the month's topic as an interactive impulse and create a ripple effect in their organization.

Monthly Optional Support Groups: Participants will have the additional option to discuss work cases, and questions of integrating the newly learned material into their lives and engage in open & honest conversations.
They will be divided into study groups of 4 to 6 participants. Sessions last 60 minutes.

Becoming Me & Compassionate Inquiry: Each participant receives one to two 1:1 coaching sessions based on the successful module and principles of Internal Family Systems.

Certificate of Completion: 80% attendance is required to receive the certificate of completion from

*Recommended: Facilitated integration meetings with Joint Venture Partners: To enhance the integration of personal and group growth experiences, we offer integration meetings to make the learning journey impactful, relatable, and applicable to their working environment.

Required investment 


Investment per participant

For Joint Venture Partners (industry participants)


For Independent Female Leaders and Professionals

3900€ (Payment plans available: 3-month and 6-month options)

*For Students

500€ (3 scholarships available)

This includes:

  • Support in Selection Process
  • Professional Onboarding Process & Introductory Guideline Sessions (75 minutes) with participants and their multipliers
  • 12 Online LIVES
  • 1 – 2 Becoming Me Coaching Sessions per participant (75 minutes)
  • 2 Facilitated Peer Group Sessions
  • WhatsApp Community Engagement & Mentorship: Masterpiece Presentations
  • Certificate of Completion for the Conscious Female Leadership Master Program

*Opportunity for Students

To cultivate a network of conscious female leaders, we recognize the importance of fostering cross-generational exchange. We acknowledge the presence of exceptional young women with immense learning and growth potential and believe in providing them with opportunities to embark on their leadership journey early. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we offer scholarships to select students from universities and educational institutions as part of our program (limited to a maximum of 3 participants per cohort).
Our goal is to nurture these young women, providing them with mentorship and resources to develop their leadership potential from an early stage of adulthood. By creating a supportive environment where they can learn from senior female leaders and peers alike, we aim to cultivate the next generation of impactful female leaders.

Optional Additional Payment – 2.0 Days LIVE KICK-OFF

Personally, welcoming our participants to the program:

  • Creating emotional bonding & personal engagement
  • Sharing personal experiences, hopes, needs & desires
  • Making space for heartfelt connection with facilitators & participants and playtime
  • Building a sense of ONENESS based on trust, honesty, vulnerability & safety. “Vulnerability is the foundation for transformation; without vulnerability, personal growth is impossible”.


About Jeanine

Jeanine (M.A.) is the Director of The Modern School of Life.

She is engaged in two distinct but interconnected realms:

Leadership, Facilitation, and Integral Education:
As a leader in integral education, producer, facilitator, and certified coach, Jeanine develops and fosters global communities of female leaders, promotes Self-leadership, and drives conscious leadership initiatives. Collaborating across diverse industries, she partners with leaders in corporate, healthcare, education, media, and beyond. She engages with various group sizes and individuals. Additionally, Jeanine provides mentorship and public appearance training for professional women, helping them to become role models and inspire other women to reclaim their voice, shifting out of self-silencing.

Practitioner in Psychological and Health Care:
Her certification training and specialties lie in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy (L1), and Trauma Treatment within the Internal Family Systems Therapy framework. In her virtual private practice, Jeanine provides international support to individuals experiencing chronic pain (including chronic fatigue and Long Covid), helps women navigate transformation and transition, and offers integrative practices tailored to the challenges faced by young adults and their families. She conducts individual sessions, group facilitation, and women’s circles to promote holistic health and well-being.

Jeanine holds an M.A. in Journalism & Communication Studies, a B.Sc. in Psychology, and currently pursues an M.Sc. in Psychology, in the UK. With additional certified training in advanced therapeutic and coaching modalities completed in North America and Europe, she is passionate about the latest neuroscientific approaches in modern psychology, spiritual growth, and mind-body interventions. Above all, her dedication lies in providing genuine care for her clients.

Public Broadcasting (ARD), Corporate Communications, Transformational & Leadership Coaching, Learning & Development, Global Women Empowerment. For over 25 years, Jeanine has been empowering some of the world’s largest companies, incl. BMW Group, Deutsche Bank, Infineon, adidas, and Siemens. She offered in-depth knowledge in leading & driving change, frequently interacting with Executive Boards. In addition, she directed, produced & hosted professional talk show formats & innovative multimedia productions at large enterprises.

Contact me via

A collection of Testimonials from Cohort1 & Cohort2.

Testimonials Cohort 1

Jacqueline Botan, RPI RPS PSD Manager, Schlumberger Ecuador

Virginia Marcon, Performance Controller Lead for Transmission Services Latin America, Siemens Energy Chile 

Marialejandra Uribe De Plaza, Global Sourcing Leader, Schlumberger Columbia 

Diana Ledesma, Sourcing Manager, Schlumberger Ecuador

Lorena Vargas, Safety & Ergonomics Manager BMW SLP Mexico

Fatima Lihyaoui, Business Administration professional, Siemens energy  Marokko

Jamir Gil D’Santiago, Reservoir Engineer Team Leader, Schlumberger Ecuador

Fabiana Gallinatti, Reservoir Performance Finance Manager for Latin America at Schlumberger  Columbia 

Nair Cangongo, SE HR AF AO  Siemens energy Angola

Habiba Berrada, Business Development & Excellence, Siemens energy  Marokko

Annalyn Azancot, Digital Transformation Manager, Schlumberger Ecuador

Tolulope Daramola, Field Service Operations Team Leader, Siemens Energy Nigeria

Conchita Velazquez Blanco, Head of Transmission Solutions, Siemens energy Spain

Marloes Zevenbergen, Teamleader Product Development, Alphabet Nederland

Talk Shows with a few community participants from cohort 1

If you like to explore further options, please have a look at our

  • The Advanced Performance & Communication Master’s Program

Empowered Female Leadership Communication 


Download program info as PDF