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This production is an empowering talk show and the reason why I bring broadcasting also into companies. Our corporate guests and experts are on a self-reflective and conscious path. They are bold, honest, and profoundly inspiring. Please join our podcast on “Purpose-Driven Businesses”.



Purpose – a good Bullshit Detector!

Trailer (Part 1 - German)

Make your mess your message.

Ronny Grossjohann and Dr. Robert Harms had it all, but nobody followed. What they discovered about the future of leadership? Make followers into leaders and stop leading. Come and join this honest podcast & talk show on „Build your own Factory“.


TALK SHOW (Part 1 - German)

„Build your own Factory“ -
An inspiring Showcase of Agility

Trailer (Part 2 - German)

With a smaller budget, we felt driven to build a flexible studio that would allow us to produce in different cities and countries with diverse and interactive on-site and online audiences.
We made it:
Our interactive LIVE talk show with call-ins on „Build your own Factory“. Join us today and feel inspired to show up tomorrow.


TALK SHOW (Part 2 - German)

Interactive & LIVE Talk Show with audience and call-ins on
„ Build your own Factory - An inspiring Showcase of Agility"
Sebastian Zippler

Jeanine and I worked very close in a successful
pioneering project Siemens Global Learning Campus.

We developed a new format, an international Podcast, Talk & Live Call-In Show to focus on lighthouse projects within our corporation. We both believe that real human success stories empower others to make a brave move too. Amazed how honest and courageous our listeners shared their experiences, we saw a first mindset shift happening. They exchanged their pains and gains, goals and numbers, obstacles and moments of mankind. In times, where honesty and courage are treasures in businesses, we are convinced that these formats empower people to step out of the box.
Jeanine is heart minded, professional and inspiring. As my producer & talk host, she was one of the keys of our success!
The journey continues…

Sebastian Zippler, Human Ressources, Learning and Education, Siemens Learning Campus