Our Journey from ego to Love


A Return to what matters

Anchored in Love & Spirit
is a 4-day online retreat.

(Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening)

Personal Introduction

If I said, ‘this is what I have dreamt about for so many years' – it would be a lie. So here is the truth: I wanted to do something like Oprah. It felt like my whole life I wanted to be Oprah - in Europe. I had the broadcast background; some people told me I had the talk show personality and the talent, and I had done my inner growth homework more than enough … at least I thought so.

The unhappy dream

I even had produced a fancy videotape for Oprah, suggesting that we could cooperate and bring the US and Europe's positive sides closer together. Not to forget to mention that she was a star, and I was not known at all. There was not one thing that I had not tried to be a talk show host in Europe and then in the US.

So, this did not go well; one of those seeming failures in life that get you caught in a spiral of stories, why your professional life sucks. I had all that talent, all that will power and courage, and that was it? And at the same time, I led workshops, produced multi-media events, and did my coaching for big companies. Yet it was not what I really wanted to do. It just paid my bills. Outwardly successful, I inwardly chose big drama, 'if this is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life, I’d rather jump off the world.' But one drama at a time, one ego breakdown at a time, it gently revealed to me what was underneath - beyond all the wanting and willing and pushing and fighting and showing off …

The more my ego was "kicked" out of the way, the more space there was for something very different to reveal itself. It was a new feeling, almost like a gentle river running through my system that became so rooted & anchored, so embracing & light-hearted, profound & unique, and genuinely loving.

Today I love to unite women globally and to co-create places of "coming home": A piece of heaven where we can return to our roots and connect on a soul level - beyond the painful stories that we keep telling ourselves. I hold the space for truth and for what feels real, raw, pure, joyful, vulnerable, and extremely powerful.

'Ego is self-hate masked as love.'

I followed the journey of 'the promised land’, which caused more pain than love. This journey has taught me what I want to share with you today:
• Becoming aware that what looks like the direction to true happiness is mostly not what will make us deeply happy.
• Recognizing - with relief & humor - what blocks us from love's presence.
• Discovering the beauty of trust, acceptance, allowance, receiving and surrendering.
• "Making healthier & better choices."
• Feeling liberated from the stress & pressure of being hard & demanding on ourselves.


Your best thinking got you here. You are the problem, but you are not the answer. LOVE IS.

… inspired by A Course in Miracles



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