A Structured & Guided Conscious Community

For women who want to transform their lives & feel the support of sisterhood

Purpose: This community is a platform where women worldwide come together to feel a sense of belonging. They share breakdowns & breakthroughs, feel supported in transforming areas of their lives, discover courage, and get inspired to create new opportunities.

Participants: 5 to 5000

Timeframe: 6 months


Our community serves as an anchor. It supports you in transforming the life areas that you feel ready to bring to the next level.

Each Sunday

you will receive a link with a personal transformation inquiry lesson (3 to 5 minutes) for 7 days. You are invited to treat yourself to a transformation journal for the exercise and to feel the support of the whole community practicing together for 10 – 15 minutes each day. You are welcome to share your ‘aha’ moments and questions in the group throughout the week. Sharing personal experiences is of course optional.

Each Monday

we will present a 20 to a 30-minutes live video evening class in the community. In each class, we will offer a transformation lesson to set the intention for the week ahead. Over the next six months, you will be given 24 transformation practices on raising your consciousness both on a professional as on a private level.

Monthly Q & A

each month, we will host a 75 to 90-minute transformation webinar – featuring conscious study guides such as:

• Sustaining your transformation practice when others are unconscious.
• Staying connected to your inner leader & guidance in challenging times.
• Being the role model you wish you had.
• Using your personality in a positive, courageous, and uplifting way.

We are very keen to hear your honest questions and challenges and offer in-depth experiences and feedback.

Impulses & Inspirations for your journey - each month, we will post free content, a bonus gift, and special offers, including top talk shows from NEW GENERATION WOMEN. .


An annual on-site retreat is in the making.

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Thank you for joining us.

We believe in you and us as women
at this time and can’t wait to see you soon.
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