A new era of feminine leadership begins.
The old version of masculine female leadership is past.

My vision is that awakening women will accept their leadership roles. Through collaborative leadership, in combination with planetary mindfulness, we can make a real impact in the world. In collaboration, women & men will lead and inspire a mindset shift towards a new consciousness, one that is heart-centered & empowering, uniting & compassionate, honest & courageous.

My dear partner Tamara Moore and I have designed the Power Circles of Light for influential leaders who feel gently called to use their power for the good of the whole. Women have been driving change agents for a long time. We now like to go one step further: We invite leading females to not only expand fully into their feminine power, but to also become more visible as role models. We hope that global women will unite as light workers and that they will use their voices to shape a conscious culture within businesses, education, media, politics, and holistic health care.

Therefore, we warmly and personally invite outstanding women who feel driven to making a long-lasting, positive difference and who are ready to grow from personal to universal success. We ask you to now unite and co-create a matrix of light around the world.

The Power Circles of Light connect us to a universal library of ancient wisdom and a wealth of modern experience. Tamara & I hold the space to raise our consciousness, in which our vulnerability is our strength; our passion is our connection, and our intuition is equally valuable as our intellect. We desire to integrate these profound feminine principles into our lives and recognize that they are the most powerful tools we have for shaping the next chapter of our conversation.



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