It is our joy to encourage our participants to rise & unite, to collaborate & to empower each other, to embrace womanhood, to co-create vision and to grow into a new leadership consciousness from a place of balance and abundance.

Participants: 12 – 24 female leaders & ambassadors

Virtual Retreat & Timeframe: One weekend each month (Friday evening – Sunday afternoon) for 3 consecutive months

• Includes the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment, which guides leaders to explore six dimensions for elevating their wellbeing, effectiveness and impact: Thriving, Fuel, Flow, Wonder, Wisdom, and Thriving Amplified.

• Discovering your genuine feminine presence & strength with clear & inspiring heart messaging and honest self-reflection. We will provide the tools, knowledge, and network to support you in leading yourself FIRST. Based on this new & deep feeling of self-care, you will be building communities and teams to integrate feminine values such as connection, collaboration, and intuitive intelligence.

• Incorporates innovative, interactive activities to enhance wellbeing including virtual healthy community meal preparation, family movie night, LIVE music & impro music, breathing & stillness time, yoga and story telling and virtual dance party.

Personal Note: My dear partner Tamara Moore & I are going to make sure that you will regenerate and feel refreshed for your upcoming week.


“As much as it is about BUILDING PEOPLE, it is also about building YOURSELF. As much as it is about touching the heart and soul of people, it is also about feeling your own heart and soul. If you want to make a difference as a female leader, if you want to connect with your team, you have to be in touch with yourself first.

People are a reflection of your issues. It is a fact - a curse and yet a blessing. Knowing this, you are always asked to reflect upon yourself. As high as our standards are, as much as we try to give our best, there are and there will be times when we fail in leading ourselves and in leading others. It is the commitment that counts, not perfection.

If it were easy, everybody would do it. Such an inner journey is not easy stuff, and it is not always fair. You might get knocked down, and it might take much longer than you think. To learn about yourself, to lead yourself & others, to liberate yourself & others is a process that takes time. Short-term success does not bring long-term values, even if we live in a world where short-term success is called for.

Let us therefore choose smartly, wisely, be well and lead as Women @the Heartbeat of People.

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