The Masculine Power System has reached its limits.

Pushing, sick of doing it alone, over giving, feeling alone, struggles to feel supported and ongoing exhaustion
at the front as leaders & performers or in the background as mothers & assistants.

And despite all the doing and outside success, there is still emptiness at heart, an underlying confusion of why, a yearning for more.

Women feel that they have reached limits in pushing for more love, appreciation, money, goals & clothes. The Journey feels exhausting.

Because it never has been our journey; it is a journey made from & for men.


This Journey leads women to a New Consciousness of Balance & Heart-Led Success within themselves & with Men.

Even if you feel entirely imperfect at times, there is a perfect order of life. In this online class, you will learn about a new form of power to manifest your success and use life as your most valuable partner.

This program is a bi-lingual webinar on leading a life that is you. No more proving, no more faking, no more compromising, no more yesses, when you felt no, no more comparisons, when you felt not good enough, no more have to-dos, when you are at your limits.

Dare Bravely to show up, to be seen & heard. Reclaim your strength within the Feminine Power System and give yourself permission to be you. .


With our 10-week online-class (in English & German), you explore - with like-minded, innovative, and caring women – your truth and weave your authentic Self into your life.

It is a genuine women’s journey based on The10 New Power Principles. With hands-on ideas, astonishing surprises & heartfelt moments, we connect New Generation Women worldwide. We provide a platform to strengthen your voice in shaping your world. We hold a vision for each other, even in times of fear & doubt. And we do it with integrity, heart, and humour.


A Global Circle of Feminine Strength

Each week’s topic centers on one of the following 10 New Power Principles of the Modern School of Life:

  • 1st week

    1. The principle of Intuitive Communication

    I now will hear myself above what others say

    • Intuitive intelligence - your treasure that makes a difference
    • The Intuitive Power of Indigenous Cultures
    • How our culture of fear & discomfort holds us back
    • Exercises & recalling the Intuitive Voice
    • What blocks your intuitive Voice?
    • What supports your intuitive Voice?
    • The difference between the Voice of Heart & the Voice of Head
    • Intuitive Communication & Self Talk
    My Commitment I will hear you above the opinions of others, above the noise in my head. When I struggle, I stop, I listen.

  • 2nd week

    2. The principle of Emotional Power

    I now embrace sadness & fear that has pushed my Joy away …

    • Embracing your Emotional Power means to embrace both your joy & your sadness
    • Where there is light, there is darkness…numbing hurt, numbing your feelings does not work, if you want to use the Power of your Emotions. It comes down to facing the moment of pain & fear to feel your Joy & Passion underneath
    • Emotional Power & Boundaries Set Boundaries when you feel no, to make room for the YES
    • Emotional Power & Self Compassion – being kind
    • Emotional Power & Gratitude – being a wizard
    • Emotional Power & Authenticity – being vulnerable
    • Emotional Power & Perfectionism – being honest
    My Commitment I embrace authenticity in my live, I will get pushbacks, I will be scared &I know it is worth it.

  • 3rd week

    3. The principle of Internal Partnership

    I now put my Heart in the Driver Seat …

    • Lead from the Inside Out
    • Lead with your Heart
    • Connect with the Heart of who you are
    • The Power of Heart Based Guidance in your Life
    • Soften your mind
    • Challenge your beliefs & become aware of your mindsets
    • Transform your mind into an amazing Servant
    • Seed planting to live a Genuine, Balanced & Heart Centered Life
    My Commitment Life is a classroom. I will fall - I will get up. As long as I am on my way, I am there.

  • 4th week

    4. The Principle of Faith

    I now embrace uncertainty & learn to let go of control …

    • Courage to believe in what we cannot see
    • The messy process of starting to trust in Life
    • Embrace your Life as your most constant & important Partner
    • Practice Faith & become aware of what blocks you
    • Give your Life permission to show up
    • Give yourself permission to let go of control
    • Give yourself permission to become free of dependency on your partner and learn to put life first
    • Give yourself permission to trust yourself
    My Commitment I am my only audience in this. This is about me opening up and trust in Life, because I want to…

  • 5th week

    5. The principle of Surrendering

    I now take a deep breath & exhale …

    • To Surrender – a form of action
    • Symbol of Surrendering
    • Exhaustion & Pressure
    • Breathing – practices of calm & stillness
    • Superfood: Calm & Collected
    • Humour the Doorway to Equability & Serenity
    • Integration of Playtime, Rest & Laughter
    • Make room for Your Life to take over & embrace resistance
    My Commitment I learnt to make things happen by doing more, I now allow life to support me in making things happen by doing less

  • 6th week

    6. The principle of Yielding

    I am sick & tired of resisting patience & acceptance as part of Life. I am now smarter than this …

    • Connect with the Pulse of Life
    • Understand the Power of your individual Flow, Rhythm & Timing
    • Stop pushing against the River
    • Knowing when to move forward & knowing when to stop
    • Driven versus being in a hurry
    • Your secret Rescue: Patience, Acceptance & Being in the Moment
    • Become aware of producing anxiety as a way of living
    • You Presence in the Bigger Picture of Your Life
    My Commitment I forgive life & myself when patience & acceptance show up again, I now know it is part of the process….

  • 7th week

    7. The principle of Body Wisdom

    I am my own master & make my body my best friend

    • Based on the ancient teachings of indigenous women & modern insights on the Wisdom of the Female Body, you learn to become your own expert
    • The Language & Intelligence of your Body
    • Lose weight from the Inside Out
    • Connect with the Sensuality of your Body
    • Use hormonal imbalances & menopause for Change & Chances
    • Rising strong through physical challenges & imperfections
    • The Beauty & Body Talk: You’ll be tickled to feel deeply on the body issues that matter most to us, and provided with a space to share your feelings, thoughts and experiences with other Women.
    My Commitment I now stop being hard on myself & whisper a note of gratitude to my body before I start the day

  • 8th week

    8. The principle of Personal Values & Integrity

    Personal Integrity means to be faithful to myself. I don’t let myself down.

    • Let go of what other people tell you, what you should do
    • Let go of what other people’s opinions are –do they really matter?
    • Who is the source of advice - true for you?
    • Whose Values matter to you?
    • Who is your Circle of Connection?
    • Find your 3 to 5 core Values
    • Integrate your Values in your Relationship with yourself
    • Integrate your Values for meaningful work into your busy live
    • Integrate your Values into your Relationship with your spouse
    • Integrate your Values into your Friendships & Family/ Patchwork life
    My Commitment If everything else falls apart, what remains is what carries me home, my values & my principles. Knowing this, I stand strong

  • 9th week

    9. The principle of Connecting at the Heartbeat of People

    I am scared to step out of my comfort zone. I do it anyway. I show up …

    • The Power of heart messaging
    • Communicate on a Heart Level - talk ONE Language
    • Develop your personal & unique style of Leadership Communication at the Heartbeat of your Audiences
    • Vulnerability & not having all the Answers
    • Say it as it is
    • Build Courage, Confidence& Presence in the way you present Yourself
    • Earn Recognition & Reward for your Contributions
    • Communicate from a New Consciousness of Balance & Self Worth and use a Language of Authenticity, Empathy, Maturity & Clarity
    • If you want to get more out of People, touch their Hearts first
    My Commitment There will be times I will fail in leading others &myself. When I fall, I breathe & Rise with my Voice of Heart.

  • 10th week

    10. The principle of Conscious Ownership

    I don’t need to know where I am going, to be able to get there; I just take the next step right in front of me...

    • Wrap up & Completion of the Webinar
    • Q & A
    • Sharing experiences, fall backs, shameful & great moments & successes
    • We celebrate Your Brave Journey
    My Commitment I now OWN my Story and feel strong inside & supported outside to move on …

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10-week Webinar
  • 10-week Webinar in English & German
    1st week: 2 sessions each 60 to 75 minutes (Monday & Wednesday Evening)
    Then each week 1 session 75 minutes (Monday or Wednesday Evening)

  • Life Evening Classes
  • Our Life Evening Classes come with homework assignments for the upcoming week

  • Life sessions will be recorded, you can listen to your session in your own timing, if you missed one

  • Networking & Support
  • You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with other New Generation Women, encouraging one another across communities and cultures & to support each other within our networks.

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