Body Speech, Grace & Fashion Elements

Finalizing the Performed Fashion Show are profound and further examples sought out in hands-on interview sequences with a life coach as well as a “Role Model” (Celebrity) and the audience.

In a second interview the team of The Modern School of Life shares their expertise by showing a combination of inner beauty:
e.g. Body Speech, Grace, Charisma, Attitude & Personal Vision with outer beauty:
e.g. Accessories & Fashion Elements which are simple, yet outstanding.


Generally speaking, the three categories of woman & beauty

1) Women who apparently focus only on displaying their outer Beauty and not their inner beauty
2) Women who have an amazing inner beauty, who pay no attention to their appearance, yet radiate beauty
3) Women who embody inner & outer beauty.
The target audience of the NGW Fashion Show

Women who care about their looks, love to dress well and yet realize that there is more to beauty than just looks.
These are, therefore, women who care about what they look like and at the same time want to radiate and sparkle from within.


What Norah Jones & Tina Turner have in Common

Here are some names of internationally famous women who in the opinion of The Modern School of Life success-fully live their passion and embody inner and outer beauty. Following the names are the apparent character traits that give them this beauty.

Norah Jones: vulnerability, emotionality, and sensitivity
Meryl Streep: gentleness, grace, and radiance
Tina Turner: outgoing power, passion, guided by spirit
Judi Dench: wisdom, inner strength, and elegance
Audrey Hepburn: loving, compassionate and vulnerability

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Dancers bring Fashion & Authentic Feminine Power on Stage

And this is where YOU come into play!

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How do You now realize what You have seen on Stage into your Life?